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Be Still Mama is all moms all the time. The unique challenges of motherhood deserve specialized content on real life issues. From managing your mental margin, weaknesses of losing your cool, loneliness from lack of mom friends, or a dealing with daily anxiety, the struggle is so real. Through the vision the Lord gave Leigh Anderson in 2016, Be Still Mama was launched and the immediate response made mouths drop. Hundreds of moms flocked to a local church who supported the mission to help and serve hundreds of hungry moms. 

What makes Be Still Mama different? We don't shy away from the issues no one wants to talk about in church. The real life challenges of motherhood in every season is where we need God to meet us the most. Whether we struggle with other moms with more financial security than us, comparison, temper issues from being so overwhelmed, a tense and strained marriage, spending addictions, food addictions, or any number of other topics that often bring too much shame to bring up, we bring them up from stage! Moms aren't required to talk personal struggles, but Be Still Mama as an organization will tackle them for you!

Over the years, Be Still Mama has reached over 1,200 moms through weekly Bible studies, annual retreats at The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove and Lake Junaluska, two day conferences with well known speakers, and various other walking clubs and Christmas gatherings meant to foster community and ignite new friendships. To this day, there are friend groups who are still doing life together years later as a result of the table they sat down at at a Be Still Mama Bible study. 

Be Still Mama exists for several reasons - to foster community to lonely moms, to make God's word understandable and applicable to what can be either monotonous days with small children, or hectic and overscheduled days with older kids, and to address topics few people talk about. Either way, the goal is to make God's word understandable to exhausted moms who crave community and direction. 

Be Still Mama will have incredible programming in 2024 so stay tuned!

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