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I Forget About God.

I handled it. I handled the Costco run, the virtual learning, the dentist, and the birthday quarantine parade while texting multiple people in between. The laundry is currently fluffing for the fourth time, holding out for a decent fold before we retreat as a family for movie night.

I forgot about Jesus today.

Productivity, virtual learning, scrolling on my phone for a mind break, or watching a show with the kids got my attention.

I enjoy learning about Jesus at church (online these days) and singing powerful songs about Him and to Him, but after that’s over I have things to handle. There are dogs to walk, dishes to sort through and laundry to fold. The upstairs bathroom has been out of toilet paper for several days now, not to mention making lunch, calling a family member and planning for dinner.

I forget about Him, again. And after a while, I'm very hesitant to pursue Him because I feel so guilty about it.

I’ve had days that turn into weeks of not praying, not reading devotions or His word or spending dedicated time with Him because I became so self-sufficient or just aimlessly went through my days.

Through His grace, though, He pursues my heart back to Him. He doesn't require me to move first, but He definitely desires for me to step away from the sink to respond to His pursuit.

He's not going to punish us, He just wants us back.

God’s love for us is so infinite, so unfailing, so unconditional, that He wants to hear from us throughout the day - and ironically, it's for our own benefit, because we were built to be in relationship with Him.

It's tempting to let guilt be an obstacle to pursue Him again after forgetting about Him for so long. The shame and the guilt can put up a big stop sign because we're afraid He's mad at us, going to punish us, or that we don't deserve for Him to hear us.

But God says the opposite in Hebrews 4:16,

"Let us then approach God's throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive

mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need."

That is a promise of God. We can approach Him with confidence no matter what, and He will lavish upon us grace and mercy in our time of shame and guilt. Our desire to get back to Him is not held against us, He's been waiting to scoop us back up!

True relationship grows and flourishes when that happens. In some ways it seems kind of silly, but it’s actually uncomprehensively life-giving.

Even though we can seemingly handle a normal day on our own, we are filled when we love God with all of our hearts, minds, and souls and invite Him into our self-sufficient days.

Here are some small ways we can proactively invite God into our days:

1. When riding in the car, listen to Christian radio and take in the lyrics of the music. This keeps God top of mind and reminds us of who God is and why He is so worthy of our worship.

2. When you fold clothes, ask God for wisdom in parenting your kids as they wear the clothes you’re folding. That they will be a light in a dark world through those shorts and tank top.

3. When washing dishes, take time to repent over some known mistakes you’ve made in the last few days, to clean you of them, and ask for His wisdom to help you stay the course in the future.

4. When you get into your hot car, thank Him for all of the life He sustains through the sun.

5. When you’re in an argument with your spouse, ask the Lord to remind you of your own need for grace in addition to your spouse’s need. This reminds us of our need for a Savior and we are better positioned to forgive and extend grace to our spouse when we realize how much we need it too.

Let’s not put Him in a pretty box on Sunday morning and leave Him there. Even if we don’t know where to put Him in our days because we think we have it handled, we can simply tell Him we want to give Him space to walk beside us today. He'll handle the rest.

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